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Right out of the box. No interruptions or upgrades, just pure functionality.

Expressutils is growing every month. We don't interrupt your experience with advertisements or forced upgrades to premium. We believe in a great user experience.

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A simple forum component. Connect with colleagues, friends and family without interruptions. Features:

  • Private chat
  • Blogs
  • Posts / Replies
  • Moderation


A minimalist survey creator you can rely on anywhere. Features:

  • Radio, checkbox and text
  • Survey sharing
  • Detailed data analysis
  • Advanced features

We swear by uninterrupted browsing.

If you were peacefully reading posts and suddenly saw a popup advertisement, how would you feel?

Not so great, right? At Expressutils, we swear by uninterrupted browsing and good user experience. We also believe that quality is better than quantity; the two stellar apps we have are a lot better than seven unusable apps. The best way to attack is not to attack at all.